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Trading name of

Fraser Price Consulting

Gained the full EMDA Quality Assured Standard in 2007

Fraser Price Consulting Limited
Registered office:

21 Long Acre East, Bingham

Notts NG13 8BY.
Company number: 4907156
Registered in England


What is this?

This is the creation of invoices to customers detailing supplies of products or services to the customer. This tends to be completely on a cyclical basis i.e. weekly, monthly or annually. Equally for a business supplying products to its customers, this can be completed on an ad hoc basis.
Obviously this is a critical part of revenue generation (sales!!) and therefore represents the essence of your business i.e. the reason why you are in business.

It also represents the end of a process i.e. it follows the delivery of product(s) or service(s) and the beginning of other processes such as credit control and ultimately cash generation.

Why would you need this service?

Free yourself from business administration by passing these tasks to specialists! Do you find yourself performing these and other business administration tasks in your spare time, in your family time and therefore probably at weekends? Are these your least favourite tasks?

How can we help?

Full end to end billing cycle including credit control to ensure all bills are raised on a timely basis with the correct details to ensure prompt payment. Manage customer prompt payments through a fully managed credit control service.